Thursday, December 16, 2010

Talk by Intel, Penang on "Atom(tm) in the Embedded Systems

Time : 10am - 11.30am
Date : 15 December 2010
Venue: Bilik Mesyuarat 1, FTSM,UKM.

"Atom(tm) in the Embedded Systems".

The speaker shall be describing Intel vision for the future of embedded
systems and how we design Atom(tm) to be the key enabler for many future
applications. The talk will also describes the type of embedded
applications that will benefit from using Atom (tm), including In-Vehicle
Infotainment, Industrial Control plus Digital Security & Surveillance. In
addition, the talk will touch on the key challenges in designing embedded
software for robust and secure system design.


~after talk, our lovely supervisor bring us to Rimba Cafe for lunch meeting with guest speaker~

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